Popular alternatives to Jira Product Discovery Tool from Atlassian

Making product discoveries has been indispensable for teams looking to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity, especially for whom is working on Jira. Among these tools, the Jira product discovery tool has emerged as a popular choice, known for its robust features and integration capabilities. 

However, this is not the tool of one-size-fits-all for every team and organization out there in the agile environment. Fortunately, the Atlassian Marketplace is a treasure trove of alternatives that deserve attention. 

In this article, we will look deeper into these alternatives, offering insights for teams seeking options beyond the product discovery tool from Jira itself.

Overview of the Jira product discovery tool 

It is a dedicated tool built for agile product teams, including project and product managers, developers, and other stakeholders. Additionally, this Jira discovery tool stands out for its comprehensive feature set, catering to various aspects of project management and product development. 

The Jira product discovery tool offers a user-friendly interface, seamless integration with other Atlassian products, and a range of tools for tracking, planning, and executing projects.

Why look for alternatives to this Jira discovery tool

You might be wondering, why look for an alternative tool if Jira has already implemented such a feature of their own. As a matter of fact, there are reasons to answer that question. 

Besides, understanding these reasons can empower you to select a tool that better aligns with specific needs and objectives.

1. Specific feature requirements

Some teams may seek features that are not available or are less developed in the Jira product discovery tool. For example, they might need a more intuitive user story mapping ability or better idea management tools.

2. User experience and interface

Without a doubt, user experience is crucial for productivity. Although the Jira product discovery tool offers a user-friendly interface, it is hard to convince someone to use it if the tool’s interface does not align with the team’s workflow. Or, it will be even harder if it is perceived as less intuitive, 

As a result, teams might look for alternatives with a more user-friendly interface or at least match their workflow requirements.

3. Cost considerations

This is usually one of the most straightforward reasons yet overlooked. Budget constraints can lead teams to explore more cost-effective alternatives rather than the original. 

As some tools might offer similar functionalities at a lower price or provide a different pricing structure, it’s no surprise that teams will choose the alternative that better fits the team’s budget.

4. Scaling and performance

As organizations grow, their needs also evolve. Therefore, teams will require a tool that scales better with their expanding size and complexity, especially in handling large amounts of data.

Not only that, they will look for alternatives supporting a larger number of concurrent users.

5. Customization and flexibility

Different teams have unique workflows and processes, and those account for diverse customizations. If the Jira product discovery tool doesn’t offer the level of customization or flexibility required, teams might seek tools that can be tailored more closely to their specific needs.

Popular alternatives to the Jira product discovery tool 

The Atlassian Marketplace is a rich platform offering various tools that cover different aspects of project management. When evaluating alternatives, it is crucial to consider factors such as usability, feature set, pricing, and how well they integrate with existing systems.

Now, let’s join us and see what these alternatives have to offer. 

1. Routemap 

Routemap is a standout solution in the Atlassian Marketplace, offering an integrated platform that combines advanced roadmapping with prioritization. Its seamless integration with Jira enhances its utility, allowing for the efficient synchronization of ideas, feedback, and task updates.

Routemap is an exceptional alternative to the Jira product discovery tool
Routemap is an exceptional alternative to the Jira product discovery tool

Routemap’s strength lies in its advanced roadmapping feature, which allows teams to create detailed, strategic roadmaps. These roadmaps are dynamic, and adaptable to changing priorities and strategies, ensuring that team efforts remain aligned with current objectives.

Not only that, teams can also find exceptional prioritizing abilities from Routemap. This product discovery tool for Jira offers a prioritization table and matrix that support popular prioritization methods such as RICE, Value vs Effort, WSJF, and more. Teams can also make custom prioritization techniques to suit their different needs.

Additionally, Routemap excels in idea and feedback management. Its ability to integrate with Jira enables the effective collection of inputs from various stakeholders, including customers and team members. 

Besides, this capability is crucial during the product discovery phase, aiding in the development of user-centric and market-responsive products. Therefore, Routemap’s approach to feedback collection and prioritization supports data-driven decision-making, leading to more effective Jira discovery and development outcomes.

2. Foxly

As an alternative to the Jira product discovery tool, Foxly defines itself with a main focus on prioritization. It is particularly adept at helping teams methodically organize and prioritize tasks within the Jira ecosystem.

What makes this Jira discovery tool special is its ability to customize prioritization criteria, allowing teams to tailor the tool to their specific project needs and preferences. Similar to Routemap, Foxly also supports many prioritization matrix templates like RICE, WSJF, and even more, providing greater flexibility to the team’s task evaluation.

While it doesn’t include roadmapping capabilities, its specialization in backlog prioritization makes it a valuable tool for teams who need to streamline their workflow and focus on the most critical tasks first.

3. Aha! Roadmaps

Aha! Roadmaps provides a comprehensive set of features for setting visions, goals, and initiatives. Its ability to create detailed roadmaps with timelines, dependencies, and milestones makes it a powerful tool for teams focused on strategic, long-term product planning.

Aha! Roadmaps

The integration capabilities of Aha! Roadmaps with various tools, including Jira, ensure a cohesive workflow across different platforms. This tool is great for teams that need a sophisticated planning tool to help visualize and track their progress over extended periods, aiding in the alignment of short-term actions with long-term objectives.

A big drawback of this Jira product discovery tool is that it has NO predefined or built-in prioritization matrix and templates. So, teams will have to find another way to conduct task measurement and prioritization. 

Choosing the right product discovery tool for Jira

Choosing the right Jira discovery tool depends on factors like team size, project complexity, and specific business needs. Besides, it is advisable to utilize trial versions, engage in demos, and gather team feedback before making a decision.

And don’t forget that Routemap has a lot to offer if you are looking for a well-rounded Jira discovery tool. Apart from the ability to make product discovery, the app also supports advanced roadmaps and a built-in prioritization table and matrix for your product development. 

With such features, you and your team can effortlessly build advanced roadmaps prioritize your work, and deliver important Jira discoveries for your product development.


Exploring alternatives to the Jira product discovery tool in the Atlassian Marketplace opens up a world of possibilities for teams to optimize their project management practices. By carefully evaluating each option, teams can find a tool that meets their current needs and adapts to their evolving project demands.

And don’t forget to check out the alternatives, especially Routemap for Jira, that we mentioned above. In case you find the original tool by Jira themselves unsatisfied, you know what other options to look for.

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