Routemap Features

Discover astonishing Routemap features that empower you to create Jira advanced roadmaps with Jira prioritization.

Flexible Advanced Roadmaps

  • Flexible product roadmaps, project and portfolio roadmaps for Jira
  • Plan around milestones, Define custom swimlanes
  • Plan features, releases, or sprints
  • Great user experience with drag & drop, inline edit etc

Product, project and portfolio management

  • Build and collaborate on visual roadmaps
  • Visualize and manage tasks, releases from multiple Jira projects in a portfolio roadmap
  • Release timeline roadmap, Release plan roadmap

Prioritization & Product Discovery

  • Product backlog prioritization, support RICE, ICE, Value vs Effort, WSJF and custom prioritizing methods
  • Priority matrix
  • Templates for product discovery, business management and more

Welcome to Routemap, the solution for all your planning needs!

Say farewell to complicated project management tools like spreadsheets, Excel, and Gantt charts.

You can plan and track any tasks in progress on a Features Timeline Roadmap

You can set up a visual release plan complete with dates, requirements, goals, and work scopes courtesy of a release plan roadmap.

You can strategically plan out timelines and delivery dates of work with a release timeline roadmap.

You can strategically prioritize work and tasks with a prioritization matrix. Clearly rank certain goals, challenges, or steps while brainstorming with your team and company with important criteria measures.

You can create custom roadmaps or you can use roadmap templates designed with complex projects in mind!


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24hr support response time and more

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