Routemap 1.5.7 Release: Brand new Release Kanban Roadmap

Routemap 1.5.7 Release: Brand new Release Kanban Roadmap

This December 2023, we proudly announce that there is a new version of Routemap 1.5.7 release for Jira Cloud. In this version, users can access the new Release Kanban Roadmap feature. 

Apart from this new feature, we also brought many more bug fixes to improve our app and user experience as a whole. 

A new feature in Routemap 1.5.7 release

Kanban is a popular method to manage projects and schedule work. Additionally, it is particularly known for its application in lean manufacturing and software development. So, to satisfy the need for diverse project management, we have decided to provide a new roadmap template: Release Kanban Roadmap.

A new option in the settings
A new option in the settings

In this new feature, Routemap users can leverage the Version Releases and Swimlanes to manage their projects as visually as possible. Besides, they can also use the drag-and-drop ability to freely adjust releases, lanes, and issues in this Kanban roadmap to their liking.

Kanban roadmap in Routemap 1.5.7 release

Therefore, users can decide to use which roadmap template for their project and product development. Or, they can simply combine them to get the best out of Routemap. 

Fixed more bugs to improve your experience

As mentioned above, we also brought in many bug fixes to this new update. We worked hard to improve Routemap and enhance your experience with it. 

Here are what we did in the progress: 

  • Fixed an issue with the Isolated roadmap using the Jira date.
  • Fixed the issue where users are unable to delete lanes in the isolated roadmap.
  • Fixed a bug that made users unable to move the container when it was on the start date of the roadmap.
  • Fixed the issue with unable to create the issue link.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to delete lanes after moving containers.
  • Fixed a bug where users are unable to update and sync data in the prioritization feature.
  • fixed the issue with unable to use the Status Dropdown in another language.

That’s everything for now. But you can rest assured that we will keep on working to make Routemap even better. 

Try out this new Kanban feature from Routemap version 1.5.7. And don’t forget to contact our support team via the support desk if you have any questions.

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