Flexible & Advanced Roadmap for Jira

No longer have to use complicated project management tools like spreadsheets or Gantt charts. It’s time to use visually advanced roadmap for Jira that you can build and collaborate with your team.

Easily Visualize & Manage your Projects

Features Timeline Roadmap

You and your team can now build & collaborate on visual roadmaps:

  • Plan & track any task or issue in progress
  • Have all roadmaps in the same project synchronized for better management

Releases Timeline Roadmap

Empower you to set up a visual release plan completed with dates, requirements, goals, and more:

  • Visualize and manage releases from multiple Jira projects in a portfolio roadmap
  • Strategically plan out timelines and delivery dates of work

Manage in A Portfolio Roadmap

Work everything through in one portfolio roadmap:

  • Plan around Milestones to set a specific phase date in your project
  • Define custom Swimlanes for new or different tasks

Customize to Your Preferences

Stay productive with customized roadmaps as you like:

  • Switch to Dark Mode in the Jira settings when working late & avoiding eye-strained
  • Choose Isolated Mode to stay hyper-focused on a particular task or project

Manage Roadmap for Jira Easier with Routemap!

Manage your tasks and issues as simple as drag-and-drop

Plan and visualize features, releases, and sprints like a breeze

Make seamless adjustments to your tasks with inline editing

Get outstanding user experience with pre-designed roadmap templates or custom roadmaps


Routemap offers additional security, reliability, and thorough support

Cloud security participation

Reliability checks

24hr support response time and more

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