What is Jira product discovery? An Overview in Late 2023

What is Jira product discovery? An Overview in Late 2023

The rapidly evolving software development and project management demands tools that can keep pace with its complexities. And for that, Jira has long been recognized for its comprehensive suite of capabilities. 

However, only Jira is not enough when the demand for better and more effective development keeps rising. That is why the Atlassian team created the Jira Product Discovery tool. 

In this article, we will go through what it is, its features, and the benefits of JPD, and explain how it can be a game-changer in the world of product management.

What is Jira product discovery? 

Jira product discovery is a dedicated tool built for agile product teams, including project and product managers, developers, and other stakeholders. Its ultimate goal is to empower teams to collect and prioritize ideas, communicate with members, and align everyone to deliver innovative products.  

With this tool, teams can: 

  • Bring order to chaos by collecting, arranging, and prioritizing ideas and perspectives systematically.
  • Maintain regular interaction and involvement with stakeholders through tools such as customizable views and roadmaps.
  • Being integrated within Jira, JPD ensures a seamless connection between your business and technical teams, linking product concepts directly to development tasks in Jira Software.

How Atlassian Jira product discovery works

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at how this Jira discovery tool functions. 

Source: Atlassian

1. Capture ideas then prioritize

Firstly, teams can use Jira product discovery (or JPD) to collect and arrange ideas, feedback, and requests in an appropriate order in the same place. This allows teams to focus on their work which brings value while working on the right thing at the right time and order. 

Moreover, teams can leverage methods like Value vs. Effort to quickly evaluate and categorize those ideas into criteria. For example, criteria like impact, effort, goal alignment, and more, can help them prioritize work effectively. 

2. Engage and align members

JPD creates a collaborative and productive space by emphasizing clear communication among team members. Besides, custom roadmaps and views ensure that both team members and stakeholders are informed, engaged, and aligned with the product vision and roadmap.

3. Connect teams in Jira

Jira Product Discovery helps optimize the product development process, connecting seamlessly product roadmap and ideas with the epics in the Jira Software. Therefore, teams will be informed and have clear insight from the initial discovery phase to the final delivery. 

Benefits of Jira product discovery 

After knowing how this tool from Jira works, we can explore its key benefits and why every product manager should implement the product discovery process. 

1. Provide insights and analytics

Jira product discovery provides teams with actionable data and visual tools that enable well-informed choices. With features such as prioritizing for Jira, assessing impact, comparing effort vs. impact, and predictive analysis, teams can understand trade-offs better, prioritize ideas effectively, and streamline product development strategies.

2. Create an agile workflow

By following agile practices, JPD allows users to organize projects, develop user stories, monitor processes, and efficiently manage sprints. As a result, this facilitates a step-by-step and progressive approach to product development, guaranteeing consistent improvement and flexibility.

How to implement a Jira product discovery roadmap

It is undeniable that product discovery has brought lots of improvements to create more effective product roadmaps. And that is also why most Jira product managers nowadays are trying to take advantage of the JPD.

How to implement Jira Product Discovery roadmap

With that being said, there are also different approaches to achieving such discovery in product development. Some managers go with the flow of JPD and start evaluating their features or work first, then make a product roadmap based on those priorities. 

Meanwhile, others have a different approach. They tend to focus on creating the product roadmap first, then they will move on to prioritize their work and adjust the roadmap accordingly. 

In other words, the way to implement the Jira product discovery roadmap can vary from project to organization itself. Therefore, you can even customize the process of product discovery for Jira that suit your needs. 

Want to utilize the second way for your Jira product roadmap? Try Routemap for Jira and make that important product discovery for Jira!

Pricing plan for Atlassian product discovery

1. The backstory 

Having been announced for the first time way back in April 2021 as an alpha release, this feature was in the spotlight and got lots of attention from the Atlassian community and Atlassian Jira users. 

Fortunately, the Atlassian team acknowledged that as well. In February 2023, they announced that the product discovery tool moved to beta which opened up even more capabilities for all users on the platform. 

Therefore, they kept on working and polishing the tool’s features to its finest. Finally, from August 17, 2023, the Atlassian product discovery tool for Jira is complete and ready for all users to utilize to its full potential with a pricing plan.

2. Jira product discovery pricing

As mentioned earlier, the pricing of Atlassian product discovery for Jira applied from August 17, 2023, and Jira users are asked to move from the beta version to either the Free or Standard plan. 

In a nutshell, the Free plan of Jira product discovery offers three creator limits per site with file storage of only 2GB. Additionally, this plan can provide support via the Atlassian community, which might take some time before users can get their questions answered. 

Meanwhile, the Standard plan offers much more appealing capabilities with unlimited creator counts and 250GB of file storage. It also provides much better support during business hours. 

Based on these conditions, Jira users can know which plan is more appropriate for their needs, projects, and teams. You can learn more about the details and differences between these pricing plans from Jira.

If you are currently on the beta version, we suggest you move to one of the 2 plans above. For more information about how to make the transition, you can refer to this instruction from the Atlassian team.

In conclusion

Jira Product Discovery serves as a testament to how software tools are adapting to the ever-increasing complexities of product management. By providing teams with a platform to gather, prioritize, and seamlessly integrate feedback into the product lifecycle, JPD bridges the challenging gap between idea inception and execution.

For those invested in maximizing product potential and ensuring a cohesive workflow, understanding and utilizing JPD isn’t just an option – it’s a necessity. As the landscape of product management continues to evolve, tools like JPD will undoubtedly lead the way.

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