Kanban Roadmap for Jira

Say farewell to tasks or release management with old spreadsheets.

Represent work as cards in the Kanban roadmap for Jira & track work progress in a comprehensive visual manner.

Kanban roadmap for Jira

Manage your tasks and projects visually

Release Kanban Roadmap

Track tasks & releases systematically

The whole team can now work on the same roadmap:

Freely adjust the boards

Make the Kanban roadmap for Jira work for YOU:

  • Drag and drop swimlanes and columns based on teams, releases, and projects
  • Plan strategically how you want your teams and organization to operate
Freely adjust the Kanban roadmap for Jira
Add Jira issues to Kanban roadmap

Synchronize with your Jira issues

Seamlessly work together on the platform:

Customize to your needs

You can freely customize the Kaban roadmap accordingly:

  • Define the swimlanes and columns to your liking and the project’s requirements.
  • Make adjustments to the board and keep everyone in your team aligned.
Customize Kanban roadmap to your needs

Visualize tasks better with Kanban roadmap for Jira

All-in-One Roadmap



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Routemap is now SOC 2 verified

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