Perfectly grasp what users want the most

Go through the whole product discovery process and deliver the product that fully satisfies your customers.

Product discovery use case

Discover the most desirable product


It all started with understanding

Before everything can start, it is required to understand thoroughly what your users need from your product. Therefore, you should collect feedback, ideas, or research to get a complete overview.

And don’t forget to retrieve data and examine your analytics.

Define customer’s needs & problems

Once you’ve understood the users’ needs, it’s time to define them and solve the issues one by one.

  • Address the problems: Define specific problems clearly. It is also vital to understand how big or small the problems truly are.
  • Prioritize: you can avoid wasting time & resources on Jira task priority and decide what needs to be tackled first. Besides, you can utilize prioritization methods like RICE, Value vs Effort, and more to get it done.
Define problems for product discovery
Brainstorm ideas, then prototype and test for product discovery

Brainstorm, prototype & test

After you and your team have understood users’ needs and pinpointed the problems properly, you can now move on to identifying the solution.

Enhance your workflow with product discovery for Jira

Cut down on all unnecessary work and backtracking. So you and your team will be able to complete fewer product delivery circles and bring the most satisfying product to your users.

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