How to Make Product Discovery for Jira with Routemap

Product discovery is a whole process of brainstorming, evaluating, and refining ideas or features of a product during its development. In other words, this product discovery process takes place from the moment you and your team start working on the product feature. 

In this blog, we will tell you why this product discovery is important and how to make product discovery for Jira with Routemap

Why is the product discovery process important? 

There is no doubt that you have heard this a lot: product discovery is crucial. But why? To put it simply, it is all about discovering what your customers really want. 

From a good foundation idea, you and your team can collect user feedback early and refine the idea’s value. As a result, customers can receive a product that satisfies their needs.

Besides, it is not only the customers who get all the benefits. The product discovery process can also be beneficial to the team and organization itself:  

  • The consumer will perceive the product’s value and purchase it initially as well as for subsequent purchases.
  • The customer will find the product easy to use and comprehend.
  • The development team will effectively utilize the resources at hand to construct the product.
  • The business will successfully deliver the product without exceeding the allocated time or budget.
  • The team will maintain their motivation and morale by minimizing frequent redesigns.
  • The business can avoid the need for damage control and the challenges associated with relaunching the product.

From the above aspects, it is understandable that everyone recommends this process in product development. 

A complete guide on how to make product discovery for Jira with Routemap

As mentioned earlier, product discovery is a whole process itself, and it takes place from the moment you and your team start working on the product. It means at the initial stages of your project, involving activities such as market research, user research, idea generation, concept testing, and validation.

First and foremost, you need to install Routemap on the Atlassian Marketplace. Then, you can start creating a new roadmap and begin the product discovery process as well. 

To begin with, you will have to work through prioritization. At this stage, you and your team should be collecting user feedback, brainstorming and refining ideas, and finally evaluating these ideas to see which ones bring the most value and require the most effort. 

After evaluating your tasks, features, and projects, you can now start building a roadmap based on prioritization. You should place the most important tasks or issues with the highest priority to complete first, defining their specific timelines and resources. 

Remember, the product discovery process will last until the end of the product cycle. Especially in the agile environment, things can change quickly and so is your product discovery. 

In fact, we have already made a video on this topic. You can watch it for more intuitive instructions when using Routemap.

If you have any questions about making product discovery, feel free to contact us via Routemap’s Support Desk.

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