What are Jira Product Discovery Pricing plans?

The Jira Product Discovery tool has been out in action for a while now, and it helps lots of project and product managers, developers, and stakeholders to understand their customers’ needs. 

In return, they are able to deliver the most successful product that can satisfy the customer while aligning with their organization’s goals and vision. 

So, one of the most asked questions about JPD is the price to use this tool, and how Jira Product Discovery pricing plans affect their in-house operation.

What is the Jira product discovery pricing? 

1. Free plan 

As the name says for itself, it is FREE. However, this plan only allows up to 3 different creators, which is extremely limited. It would also mean that the program suits small-sized teams or organizations and individuals looking for a new way to manage their work better.

2. Standard plan

For the “paid version” of Jira Product Discovery, it costs you and your team $10 for each creator using this Atlassian Jira product discovery tool. 

In other words, the more employees with permission in your team, the more you will have to pay. Still, it is worth the price if this Jira discovery tool can empower your organization to focus on the most impactful features or products.

Having many members in your organization? Do not worry, the Atlassian team also offers more reasonable pricing plans to ease your concern. 

Source: Atlassian

What are the differences between the two plans?

Since there are two pricing plans, what makes one plan different from the other? Let’s find out. 

1. What comes in the Free Jira Product Discovery pricing plan?

First of all, this plan only offers you three individual creators who can access this tool as we mentioned earlier.

Moreover, you can only get Jira support for this product discovery feature via the Atlassian community. As a result, you may have to wait until an expert or a member of the Atlassian team comes in. 

Not only that, you are also limited to 2 GB of file storage from the platform. That means you have less space to work with and have to be mindful of your work.

2. What comes in the Standard pricing plan?

So, with a $10 per creator difference, what will you get from the Standard Jira Product Discovery pricing? 

Besides getting unlimited creators (as long as you pay for each permission), you can also get Business-hour support from the Atlassian team. In other words, you can get much faster assistance than relying on the community. 

Additionally, you and your team will get 250 GB of file storage at your disposal. Therefore, you can have more room to work with for your projects. 

More importantly, you can have access to Custom project roles and Data Residency exclusive features in JPD. 

Depending on your needs and the size of your organization, you can choose the appropriate Jira Product Discovery pricing plan. In case you feel skeptical about it, just remember that JPD Standard also provides a free trial so you can experience all the features before making the final decision.

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