6 Best Agile Sprint Planning tools tailor-made for Jira

Efficient sprint planning is the key to delivering high-quality products within tight deadlines. And Jira, a widely used project management tool, offers a robust foundation for agile teams. However, to fully leverage its capabilities and streamline your sprint planning process, integrating specialized sprint planning tools is a must. 

Besides, these tools can also enhance task prioritization and resource allocation while improving team collaboration and project visibility. 

This article will provide you with the 6 best agile sprint planning tools that integrate seamlessly with Jira, helping teams optimize their workflow and achieve project success.

What is a sprint planning tool? 

A sprint planning tool is a specialized software, designed to help agile teams organize and manage their sprints. These tools facilitate the prioritization of tasks, estimation of effort, allocation of resources, and tracking of progress. 

The primary goal is to ensure that the team is focused on the most critical tasks, can foresee potential roadblocks, and adjust plans as needed. By providing visibility and structure, sprint planning tools improve team collaboration, increase transparency, and align project activities with strategic goals.

What should you look for in Agile sprint planning tools?

When selecting a sprint planning tool for Jira, you should consider the following features or characteristics. The first thing is the ease of use. Especially the ones with intuitive interfaces, such tools can help your team members easily navigate.

The second thing to look for in a tool for sprint planning is its customization ability. This characteristic will empower your members to customize workflows, fields, and views to match your team’s needs.

Lastly, don’t forget about the real-time collaboration feature of these sprint planning tools. Such features can support real-time collaboration and communication among team members. 

6 best tools you can get for sprint planning in Jira

Hands down, Jira will be the tool offering the most diverse features for agile sprint planning. Things like Advanced roadmaps, Jira Sprint Backlogs, and many more. 

However, we want to explore more options available (or at least something you might still need to look into) for you to choose from.

1. Jira Align – Great for enterprise Agile planning

Jira Align is undoubtedly one of the best tools for the job. It is tailored for large enterprises aiming to scale their agile practices and align their project activities with broader business objectives.

Jira Align
Source: Atlassian

Moreover, the entire ecosystem provides enterprise-level planning, portfolio management, and real-time insights into project progress. It offers features like strategic alignment, portfolio management, and comprehensive reporting, making it an ideal choice for enterprises looking to achieve a cohesive and integrated approach to project management.

By synchronizing the efforts of various teams with the organization’s strategic goals, Jira Align ensures that all team activities contribute towards the larger business objectives.

2. Routemap – An excellent sprint planning tool for Jira

Routemap for Jira is an advanced tool that enhances sprint planning and overall agile project management. It offers advanced roadmaps, sprint and Kanban boards, prioritization tools, and product discovery capabilities. Additionally, the new Sprint Kanban feature helps Scrum teams manage their sprint backlog for different projects intuitively, while the portfolio roadmaps outline the project’s strategic direction and key deliverables.

Manage Scrum sprints seamlessly

Unlike traditional methods for managing your sprint backlog issues, Routemap’s Sprint Kanban empowers teams to visualize them on a comprehensive Kanban board. As a result, teams can easily monitor and manage every backlog issue from multiple projects without missing a beat.

More importantly, Routemap also allows teams to create visual release plans and prioritize tasks using methods like RICE and Value vs. Effort. As a result, teams can refine their ideas through product discovery for more effective sprint planning.

With its comprehensive suite of tools, Routemap becomes an excellent choice for teams looking to improve their sprint planning and project management capabilities.

3. AgileBox – Aid sprint planning with capacity planning

If you want to streamline your sprint planning process and enhance your team’s workflow, AgileBox for Jira will be a great tool with the planning poker feature. It is also a helpful tool used in Agile methodologies to estimate effort (usually story points) during sprint planning.

AgileBox - Aid sprint planning with capacity planning

Moreover, planning poker avoids individual pressure to estimate effort during the sprint planning process. It helps refine the user stories and leads to more accurate effort estimates by considering different perspectives from team members. 

Besides, open communication about the reasoning behind estimates can build trust and transparency, strengthening collaboration within the team. Planning poker also helps create a collaborative environment where the team works together to create a realistic and achievable sprint backlog.

4. ProductGo – Sprint planning with User Story Mapping insights

This is another agile planning tool that focuses on product management and sprint planning. Besides agile sprint planning ability, ProductGo also offers the User Story Mapping feature, allowing teams to manage work efficiently.

ProductGo for Sprint Planning

With this special feature and valuable insights, Agile teams can better understand their user perspective from another angle in their projects. Thus, they can prioritize tasks more effectively within a sprint planning board and easily stay up-to-date with any changes.

In a nutshell, ProductGo helps ensure that all team members stay aligned on sprint goals and can effectively collaborate to meet project objectives.

5. Easy Agile TeamRythm

Easy Agile TeamRhythm is a tool that simplifies sprint planning and helps teams stay aligned and focused on their goals. It provides sprint planning boards, backlog refinement features, and team engagement metrics, making it easier for teams to plan, execute, and review their sprints.

Easy Agile TeamRythm
Easy Agile TeamRythm

Additionally, Easy Agile TeamRhythm is particularly beneficial for teams following agile methodologies as it supports sprint-level planning and ensures that all team members are engaged and productive. Its user-friendly interface and robust feature set make it a great choice for teams looking to enhance their sprint planning processes and improve overall productivity.

6. BigPicture – Plan sprints in SAFe roadmaps

BigPicture combines agile and waterfall planning, offering features like Gantt charts, roadmap planning, and resource and risk management. This tool is ideal for teams using a hybrid project management approach as it provides flexibility in planning and execution.

BigPicture sprint planning

Additionally, BigPicture allows teams to create detailed project plans, manage resources effectively, and mitigate risks proactively. Its comprehensive planning and tracking capabilities make it a valuable tool for teams looking to integrate agile and traditional project management methodologies seamlessly.

Final thoughts

Effective sprint planning is crucial to successful agile project management. That is why carefully evaluating your team’s requirements and utilizing a tool can greatly transform and enhance your agile workflow. 

Besides, investing in the appropriate planning tool can significantly boost your team’s productivity, ensuring timely delivery and project success.

And don’t forget to give the above Agile sprint planning tools a try. Whether you need advanced roadmaps, detailed task hierarchies, or comprehensive release management, they can offer diverse features to meet your specific needs.

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