Routemap vs. Easy Agile Roadmaps: which is suitable for your project management

To succeed in Agile project management, it is necessary to choose the right roadmapping tool to manage your project. While there are lots of options available on the Atlassian marketplace, we have jotted down two tools and compared them together: Routemap vs. Easy Agile Roadmaps.

In this comparison, we aim to differentiate the unique features, functionalities, and suitability of Routemap and Easy Agile Roadmaps for Jira. By seeking the strengths and use cases of each tool, project managers and Agile teams can have the necessary insights to make an informed decision on which roadmapping tool to choose.

An overview of the two tools

Before diving deeper into comparing the two apps, we can give them a closer look individually. 

1. About Routemap

First, let’s talk about Routemap from DevSamurai. Routemap is a Jira tool designed to empower project managers and portfolio managers alike. If you are looking for a solution to manage Jira projects and product development seamlessly, this tool is just what you need.  

1.1 An all-in-one solution for your planning needs

Routemap provides a complete experience of project portfolio management in just one place. In other words, you can monitor and manage every aspect and operation of your organization without having to jump from tab to tab or go through piles of sheets.

More importantly, all are viewed in advanced roadmaps that are highly customizable to fulfill your requirements.

1.2 Advanced timeline roadmap for Jira

This Jira tool offers comprehensive visual timeline roadmaps, allowing every team to track work in progress effortlessly. Therefore, teams can see the bigger picture of the project and get aligned with the business’s vision and goals.

Not only that, project managers can also set milestones to mark important dates or events in the project timeline. As a result, the whole team can now stick to the plan and avoid missing deadlines.

1.3 Built-in Jira priority table and matrix

Besides visual roadmaps, the Routemap app also provides managers with the ability to prioritize tasks effectively. With this feature, you can rest assured that every member is on the same page and working toward the same goal. 

1.4 Release planning Kanban

This is one of the recent features coming to Routemap. Development teams and project managers can visualize and manage tasks and release more efficiently on Kanban boards. 

Moreover, teams can also seamlessly drag their current tasks and drop them into the Kanban board for better management.

1.5 Oriented to making product discovery

With the combination of the advanced roadmap for Jira, a prioritization table, and the ability to collect feedback from Jira itself, managers can simply go on to make product discovery for the whole project.

In fact, product discovery is the process of finding what your target customers need and want the most. Therefore, you and your team define and refine your ideas together and turn them into stunning deliverables.

2. About Easy Agile Roadmaps

Now, it’s time to take a look at Easy Agile Roadmaps, another great option for roadmapping tools within the platform. Additionally, it also offers task planning and tracking abilities to your Jira projects.

2.1 Integration with Jira roadmap

Easy Agile Roadmaps can integrate seamlessly with Jira, ensuring that team planning and roadmapping are closely aligned with actual work items and progress. It means that you can quickly and naturally create a roadmap for your project without breaking a sweat.

2.2 Roadmap timeline

Quite similar to Routemap, this feature allows users to drag and drop Jira issues onto a timeline roadmap. Moreover, it also provides a visual representation of your work when these issues are expected to begin and end.

2.3 Fix version & Date markers

Additionally, Easy Agile Roadmaps enhances visibility by allowing users to visualize fixed versions, marketing events, and milestones on the roadmap. And as you can expect, this feature will get business and development teams on product direction and important timelines.

2.4 Theme or Team swimlanes

These swimlanes allow product managers and their teams to group issues into high-level categories to represent customer outcomes or specific teams. Therefore, this tool can help teams manage and visualize workflow more effectively.

Routemap vs. Easy Agile: A side-by-side comparison

After exploring these Jira roadmapping tools individually, it’s time to make a detailed comparison between Routemap and Easy Agile Roadmaps. This will allow you to better understand their differences and what they bring to the table.

Routemap vs. Easy Agile Roadmaps Comparison

What makes Routemap stand out

From the side-by-side comparison above, we can clearly see that Routemap has a lot to offer regarding strategic portfolio management. Besides, the app also proves to be a more all-rounder for every team intending to leverage roadmaps. 

Here are some of the features that set Routemap apart.

1. Powerful strategic portfolio management

Routemap itself is bigger than just any roadmap you have seen before. It provides team leaders and managers with a solution to track and manage multiple projects across every team in the organization. 

Moreover, it empowers portfolio managers to make ground-breaking decisions for the business’s future growth. 

2. A modern and beautiful in-app UI

Besides all the fascinating features, Routemap cares about the user experience. And that is why it had a whole release to update and revamp the in-app interface, making it a lot more modern and intuitive.

3. Simple to use

Along with the new UI and UX update, Routemap for Jira ensures that every user will easily use its advanced features. As every button is carefully labeled and combined with a help menu within the app, new users can get used to Routemap in no time.

4. Packed with features

This is one of the biggest advantages of using Routemap to create an advanced roadmap for Jira. Besides its core functions like timeline roadmaps for developing features or releases, the app also supports the prioritizing functionality using popular prioritization methods like Value vs Effort, RICE, or even custom methods.

Not only that, the combination of these features stimulates practices of making important decisions and product discovery. 

Final thoughts on Routemap vs. Easy Agile Roadmaps

The comparison between Routemap vs. Easy Agile Roadmaps highlights the diverse spectrum of features and capabilities available in Agile roadmapping tools for Jira.

On one hand, Routemap offers a comprehensive solution for strategic portfolio management and simplifies complex project planning. Moreover, it empowers project managers to visualize, manage, and prioritize tasks and releases more effectively. 

On the other hand, Easy Agile Roadmaps brings simplicity and flexibility to your project roadmap. As a result, it offers teams a straightforward and efficient way to visualize project timelines.

The decision is yours. However, if you are looking for an all-round roadmapping solution, Routemap will be an excellent choice.

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